Year: 2012

InfoPath & jQuery backed forms

SharePoint 2010 is an enterprise application development framework. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a couple large scale projects with two different Dallas based consulting firms over the past 6 years. Both used the pattern of Info Path browser

InfoPath Team Development

Update 12-09-2012 An InfoPath developer provided me with some feedback that makes the PowerShell script in conjunction with the makecab process unnecessary. All that needs to be done is to build the template, extract the files using the built in

Upward Boundaries

The largest SharePoint application that I’ve designed so far, which I have yet to blog on architecture, began with the desire to roll a no code solution. 12 months later from the time that it hit the meeting rooms and

MVC Love

I started using frameworks about four years ago upon being introduced to Spring in a Java shop. At first it felt like that ill fitting pair of pants. What it did though was change how I looked at my PHP

Lotus Notes Conversion Lessons

The team and I have learned a great deal during the time we’ve been converting Domino databases to SharePoint composite applications. Our first hurdle was met in accessing and deconstructing the Notes data programmatically in .Net. (I wrote about that

SharePoint & Concurrency

Working with SPS for five years now continues to be a fun and rewarding path. Our shop just went to production with an employee incentive system that we’d been working on since November of 2011. I re used the composite

Cleanliness is next to…

This year has been all about migrating existing business objects to SharePoint 2010. Some of these projects required bulk processing and conversion into either SPFile or SPItem objects. While there are excellent third party tools like ShareGate that help people

Chicken & Waffles

I’ve been living in Texas for five years this July. One of the things I love most is, well, food. When I first moved to Texas I was faced with an obvious problem. Having grown up as a child of

Topology shift

We’ve been spinning SharePoint successfully as a team collaboration platform during the past four years. Using composite applications to meet and streamline business processes across the organization in addition to the document management framework, SharePoint has been a good fit.

Building adjunct business systems using SharePoint 2010; part one

Revision 5/14/2012; I will be following up on this topic May through June. An opportunity arose late last year for us to re design an iSeries business system using SharePoint 2010 (SPS) during the process of our SAP conversion. While