Year: 2011


I am working on documenting my website code into both a funtional design document and adding JavaDoc style comments for use with PHPDocumenter. While working on the database side of it with fresh coffee in hand I am reminded of

SPS document attributes

This is part of a small stress testing project I wrote to test a user interface I built using a Content Query Web Part, a little jQuery and some XSL. The idea was to generate a couple 1000 documents that

Lotus Notes to SPS Conversion

I recently had an opportunity to convert old Lotus Notes database applications to SPS. Granted, I had a little bit of a time understanding the whole form/view document collection thing in Notes but Visual Studio came to the rescue. After


I read “Don’t sleep with your smartphone nearby,” by Bob Greene on CNN a couple weeks ago. While I’m not an app guy, I think I’m aware of the phone (the gateway to email and Twitter) on my nightstand more

Composite Application

The team of folks I work with got a very cool opportunity to leverage SharePoint 2010 to drive a buisness process near and dear to my heart as a former fine wine sales representative. The composite applications purpose is to