Thanksgiving from 2013 to 2015

Two years ago we moved back home from Texas to Ohio. I’ll never forget the night before we drove back. It was Thanksgiving. Most of our years in Dallas were spent together, sedentary after work, or working full tilt late hours for both companies we were employed by at the time. Those were some rough years. And while it may be the color of the Texas sky, the sounds of the street cars from 18 stories above Main St between Akard & Field, or the sheer beauty of the people who make up such a vibrant City… those years shine brightly in my memory. And while we both put some notches in our stress belts we took with us many hard earned lessons.

So it was dinner time and the loft was freshly emptied by the movers. Our make shift table was a laundry basket. The sofa was some throw away Ikea desk number. Dinner was from Central Market, which I miss to this day, and of course everything was by candle light.

Like most folks, I get nostalgic during Fall and the early part of Winter. In fact, looking back at an old letter from my sister in law from Thanksgiving 2013 I found the inspiration for this post. It’s exactly two years later tonight. My family, friends and I have suffered hardships, celebrated victories and simply lived day by day. Only this time we are here to share each others company. Cry on one another’s shoulders, laugh together … sometimes at silly things that make us the quirky individuals we all are.

“We all talked about how much we miss you guys. We all had a nice time together today. But next year… it’s going to be better with you all home!

Hope you enjoyed your last night in Dallas together but no tears. Now it’s time for the next phase of your journey together, at home with all of us.” 11/28/2013

And so it’s Thanksgiving 2015. In our home off Main St in Columbus. Given my new vegetarian lifestyle I ended up sampling mashed potatoes and some sweet potatoes at the second celebration but I was left with a bit of an appetite. So at home I made ad hoc crostini for myself after a split day with family in two different cities. One was a sriracha, fresh mozzarella and the other cranberry sauce. Both on toasted sourdough bread with slices of Eddie’s spicy sweet potato tian.

It was a tasty way to end a hungry but family filled Holiday as a vegetarian while reflecting on both leaving Dallas and all the events over the past two years. At the end of the day a quote came to mind by George A. Moore. “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.”
Thanksgiving 2013 Spicy sweet potato tianLeftovers

Spicy Sweet potato tian, lower fat Swiss, spinach and cranberry sauce sandwich.

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