Topology shift

We’ve been spinning SharePoint successfully as a team collaboration platform during the past four years. Using composite applications to meet and streamline business processes across the organization in addition to the document management framework, SharePoint has been a good fit. Recently, the team I work on was given a project to support the re branding consultants with their efforts.

Our task was to use Power Shell to move and reshape the existing structured intranet site collection into a flat, team specific, topology. Basically the intranet was to be sliced apart into site collections inside a separate web application. I clearly see the benefit of using Power Shell to automate the management of certain aspects of SharePoint administration. Of course, there are always “stones under the water” as one Microsoft support employee told me last week in relation to a ticket we have open currently. Reference link: “Site Collection Unavailable…,” Technet Aug 2011

We employed the following two scripts to perform our migration tasks Export-SPSite & Import-SPSite. (Links are to text file examples of the scripts). Of course using these new methodologies left us with the aforementioned SharePoint bug. When we re inherit permissions for a list in a sub site the root site collection content database reference disappears leaving us with a friendly 500 message in the browser. More on that later once I find out what the prescribed fix is from our support technician at Microsoft.

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