Coffee Upgrade

I used to know a couple, Mike & Carla, who would make this amazing coffee in an old glass pot with a wooden handle. We’d talk about wine, the world, growing herbs and food while enjoying our cups of black gold. One of my 2012 carry over goals is to curb the workday eating out of convenience habit. Lunch has been kind of easy; giving up Starbucks has been something a little bit more like quitting smoking.

I saw the Chemex pot recently at Ascension Coffee with a friend. It was then that I decided to drop the $35 and replace my grungy old electric drip pot that makes a brew that literally smells like a pack of Marlboro. Second pot this week and chemistry set coolness aside, it makes me think of Mike & Carla… and great conversations. The coffee tastes good too.

Interestingly enough I came across a line while reading ‘Conversation, How Talk Can Change Our Lives,’ by Theodore Zeldin that seems appropriate for inclusion in this post. “It’s an adventure in which we agree to cook the world together and make it taste less bitter.”

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